Olaf Witkowski is the director of research at Cross Labs, a new research institute which studies the fundamental principles of biological and artificial intelligence, funded and supported by Cross Compass Ltd. He is also a research scientist of the Earth-Life Science Institute, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology,  a lecturer in information sciences at the University of Tokyo, and a regular visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He is also a founding member of YHouse­ ­— a nonprofit transdisciplinary research institute in New York, focused on the study of awareness, artificial intelligence and complex systems. He received his PhD under Takashi Ikegami, from the Computer Science Department of the University of Tokyo. He is a member of the board of directors of the International Society for Artificial Life, and was a program chair for the ALIFE 2018 conference ‘Beyond AI’, and has been organizing numerous meetings on AI and intelligence sciences.

Artificial Intelligence Brain

Olaf Witkowski’s research tackles the nature of intelligence in both artificial systems and living organizations, employing the tools of artificial life, connectionist learning, and information theory. His goal is to reach a better understanding of the following triptych of complex phenomena:

  • the emergence of information flows that led to the origins of life,
  • the evolution of intelligence in the major evolutionary transitions,
  • the expansion of communication and cooperation in the future of the bio- and techno-sphere.

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