Olaf Witkowski

I am an EON research scientist at the Earth-Life Science Institute in Tokyo,  and a visiting member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. I am also a founding member at YHouse­ ­— a nonprofit interdisciplinary institute focused on awareness, artificial intelligence and complex systems, and coordinator for ISSA. I received my PhD under Takashi Ikegami, from the Computer Science Department of the University of Tokyo.

My research aims to understand the origins of cognitive life and AI societies. My approach makes use of large-scale artificial life simulations, machine learning, and information and game theories, to reach a better comprehension of:

  1. the emergence of life and cognition,
  2. the information flows in the major transitions in evolution, in particular the dynamics of cooperation and costly signals,
  3. the future of intelligent societies.

Feel free to email me: olaf.witkowski@gmail.com